Book review: Gone girl by Gillian Flynn

Blurb:  Gone girl on Goodreads

My rating: 4.5/5


This book was something else! As in ‘I’ve never read anything like this‘ something else!!

When you start reading it, you get an idea of the two main characters of this story. Nick and Amy Dunne.’Happily’ married for 5 years now. A posh couple from New York city who has just moved to a small town in Missouri. The story begins on the day of their 5th wedding anniversary. The start is slow-paced. Nick goes on talking about the relationship he once used to share with his wife Amy and how it is now, the traditions they follow on their anniversary each year, about his sister, his career.. So on and so forth. The action begins once we realize that Amy has actually gone missing and she’s nowhere to be found. The police is called and the investigation begins.

As the story proceeds, we, as the readers, begin to understand that Nick has been lying about a few things to the police without them suspecting any of it. And once we get to part of Amy’s diary entries, we form an image of Nick being the reason for his wife’s sudden disappearance. But we still aren’t sure of it.

This book plays with your mind! It divides your mind in two parts. One which knows that Nick is the villain here. I mean, of course the husband did it. It’s not like they were madly in love. It’s not like Nick was ever the perfect husband to Amy.
But then there’s another part that wants you to believe that Nick is being framed and that he has nothing to do with whatever is happening with him or Amy. Nick is just as clueless about all that is happening as we are! But you just don’t have enough proof yet as everything is working against his favor.

The author keeps shifting between the wife and husband and it becomes difficult for the reader to root for either of them. The reader knows that each of them is hiding something and that’s what keeps the story moving. You just don’t know who’s lying and who is not! Once the investigation begins, the story moves forward in such a fast pace that you cannot keep the book down at all. And if you do, it will keep you guessing.
I was so tempted to take a look at the last few pages to see who’s alive and who’s not and just what becomes of Nick and Amy Dunne! But I’m glad I did not and I would advice you against it too. The ending had me like ‘WHOA! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING
If you have enough patience, this will be one of the most satisfying reads for you.

This book will really make you think a hundred times if you ever plan on getting married. Don’t want to end up with a creepy, secret psychopath now, do we? 😀
That’s all I am going to say about ‘Gone girl’ as I really don’t want to include any spoilers in this review.

P.S : I won’t recommend this book for people who are not into creepy, dark themes in a book.