Book Review: The outcast by Sadie Jones

BlurbThe Outcast on goodreads

My rating: 2/5


The story starts of by introducing the main character, Lewis Aldridge, a young boy who is travelling with his mother to go pick up his father who has just returned from war. Yes, the book is set in the period of World War II. As the story proceeds, we get to know of the various other characters. Lewis shares a strong bond with his mother who dotes on him. His father is cold towards him and thinks that Lewis’s mother spoils him excessively. Having his father around is something quite new to Lewis and initially, he finds it difficult to cope with changes that his father has brought about at home after his arrival. Everything falls into place eventually. But things upside down after Lewis’s mother’s sudden death.

There are various other characters in the book and the author keeps shifting from one character to other as the story progresses.
To be honest, I found the book to be a drag. There is not much of a plot to it. It gets really depressing at times and you can’t help but feel sorry for Lewis as everything seems to be working against him. The characters are all awful and many of them that had a substantial part in the story (Tamsin, for example) seemed completely unnecessary.
I just can’t think why anyone would want to read such a sad and depressing novel with an equally bad ending.

Disappointment is what I felt after I finished reading this book.