Book Review: The outcast by Sadie Jones

BlurbThe Outcast on goodreads

My rating: 2/5


The story starts of by introducing the main character, Lewis Aldridge, a young boy who is travelling with his mother to go pick up his father who has just returned from war. Yes, the book is set in the period of World War II. As the story proceeds, we get to know of the various other characters. Lewis shares a strong bond with his mother who dotes on him. His father is cold towards him and thinks that Lewis’s mother spoils him excessively. Having his father around is something quite new to Lewis and initially, he finds it difficult to cope with changes that his father has brought about at home after his arrival. Everything falls into place eventually. But things upside down after Lewis’s mother’s sudden death.

There are various other characters in the book and the author keeps shifting from one character to other as the story progresses.
To be honest, I found the book to be a drag. There is not much of a plot to it. It gets really depressing at times and you can’t help but feel sorry for Lewis as everything seems to be working against him. The characters are all awful and many of them that had a substantial part in the story (Tamsin, for example) seemed completely unnecessary.
I just can’t think why anyone would want to read such a sad and depressing novel with an equally bad ending.

Disappointment is what I felt after I finished reading this book.



Book Review: Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy

BlurbMahashweta on Goodreads

My rating: 4/5


Have you ever finished a book & right after closing it mouthed the words ‘Brilliant’ ? Well, Mahashweta was one such book for me. It made me sit for a while & look at my life in a very positive light.

The story revolves around a young woman named Anupama who is portrayed as the perfect woman in this book. A beauty with brains, good-natured, polite, someone who excels in almost everything she does. Just perfect in all aspects. This is her story. Her story of how she falls in love, her marriage, her almost fairytale life that seems to be falling apart right after she discovers a white patch on her feet which later is revealed to be the early signs of leukoderma, her fight against the disease & the society that shuns people with skin diseases, her acceptance of the disease & life’s circumstances in general.

I love how the author has beautifully managed to tell us such a tragic yet inspiring story of self-acceptance and optimism.
I liked how this is not some sob-story of a woman who breaks down & curses God at every obstacle thrown at her.
But maybe, she was too tolerant towards everything? Maybe she could have spoken out more?
That’s the only reason why I am giving this book a rating of less than 5 stars.

It is a really small read as it is just a 156 page book. The language is easy & understandable. There are many references to hindu mythology & plays but it all somehow becomes a part of the story & fits in perfectly. The postscript made my heart swell 🙂

Final lines for the review: A small book with a beautiful story.


The book that made me love reading

Throughout my childhood, I had read many Nancy drew & Hardy boys’ books but none of them had ever created an impact on me. In those days, reading wasn’t something I was passionate about. My school used to assign one book per child every year, so as to inculcate a reading habit in us. HA! As if that would have done the job.
Reading isn’t something that should be imposed upon you! It comes from within. The eagerness to read a new book. To get completely lost in the alternate universe that the book creates in your mind. It’s a different feeling altogether & no one can make you feel it. Now enough with the emotional blabber. Let me tell you about that one book which made me fall in love with reading.

Years back, while I was cleaning my cabinet, I came across this torn, kid’s adaptation of ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

I thought this cover was better than that of my torn book which doesn't have one. Picture courtesy: Google

I thought this cover was better than that of my torn book which doesn’t have one.
Picture courtesy: Google

I don’t know why & how, I just picked it up and was determined to read it. I guess it was just meant to be, you know? 😀 . Once I started reading it, I never put it down. I read and re-read it several times. I was 12 & had a hard time understanding the language even though it was toned down a bit as it was meant for children. But I never gave up. I was in awe of the era that it was set in. I read the book as if I was living it. Imagining it all around me. I was completely lost & I loved that feeling. The mannerisms of women, chivalry of men, social norms, the grand dance parties/balls.. Just about everything impressed me. The more I read it, the more I started understanding the characters & their personalities. I fell in love with each one of them (okay at least all the lovable ones). I learnt so many things from most of the characters. I tried to include them in this post but I’m such a bad writer that I couldn’t come up with a good way to write it. Yes, I suck!
Now, as for my most favorite character from the book, Mr. Darcy… Well, he holds a special place in my heart. If you think about it, Darcy isn’t your typical romantic hero. It takes time to warm up to this man. I love how Jane Austen has portrayed him like a normal guy and not some unrealistically perfect guy like many chick-lit novels do these days. He is egoistic, proud & has many other faults which makes him just like any other guy. I actually hated him when he gave that speech while proposing Elizabeth. Insulting her family while professing your love for her? What a silly thing to do! But then, aren’t all men silly? 😉 (No hard feelings guys) He was honest though. Gotta give that to him. Oh but my heart did skip a beat when he uttered those famous lines

In vain have I struggled. It will not
do. My feelings will not be repressed.
You must allow me to tell you how
ardently I admire and love you.

Even after all these years, he’s still my No. 1 fictional man ❤
So here it is. The story of my first real book & how I fell in love with reading. What is yours? 🙂


Book review: Fifty shades of grey


My rating – 2.5/5

To tell you the truth, I’d started reading this book way back when it had just been published but then I got bored cause there was just too much sex and no good plot.
Then I came to know that they’re turning it into a movie & that my best friend would drag me to watch it (She had completed reading the whole series & was obsessed). Anyway, I have a thing where I like reading the book before watching it’s movie adaptation so I thought of giving the book another try & I’m glad I did!
Now don’t get your hopes up, the first book is still a bore. There’s just too much sex, zero plot and the writing is not that great either.
It’s kind of like a love at first sight story but with a dark twist. The story revolves around the troubled past of Mr. Christian Grey, a handsome multi – millionaire who is attracted to Anastasia, a simple but smart girl, in a way she had never imagined even in her wildest dreams (literally :P). The book also gives you a thorough knowledge on BDSM & sex toys 😂 So anyone who doesn’t approve of the above two or well, sex in general, RUN AWAY & DO NOT LOOK BACK!
As you can see, my review hasn’t been the most positive one but I still said I was glad I gave it another try. The reason for that is solely Mr. Christian Grey. I was intrigued by him & well, curiosity made me read the second part, which I do not regret reading at all 😍
I take your leave for now.
Until the next part’s review,
A 💋