Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

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My rating: 3/5


Twin sisters who are poles apart. Dysfunctional family. Fan-fiction. Teenage life and College. The story revolves around these themes.

It’s all written from Cath’s (one of the twins) perspective who is obsessed with the main character, Simon snow, of a famous book series based on him. She is shy, nerdy and anti-social unlike her sister, Wren, who is outgoing and friendly. She writes fan-fiction related to the book series and is completely involved in the fandom. So much that she doesn’t have time for her actual life and people around her. The following quote from the book sums up Cath’s life perfectly…

Real life was something happening in her peripheral vision.

This book doesn’t have much of a plot to it and it’s an easy read. I was slightly disappointed as my expectations were quite high considering all the hype about it. There are snippets from the Simon Snow book series and Cath’s fan-fiction ‘Carry on, Simon‘ all through the story which gets annoying and repetitive and also gets in the way of the plot. I saw myself skipping through these pages as I got more into the book.

I loved the fact that the author kept the hero, Levi, very realistic. He’s not a jock (Thank god for that) and nor is he super muscular or extremely handsome. He is just like any other college boy who has a job at Starbucks and has trouble with his classes.  I also love the relationship Cath shared with her dad, how she cared for her sister selflessly and her take on their mother abandoning them when they were little.

There is only this much to the book. The story seemed incomplete and in need of some major touch-ups. The ending was the worst part as it just felt wrong. It just seemed unfinished to me. It couldn’t hold my attention and I wasn’t super excited to get back to reading it after intervals.

Yes, it did make me laugh. It did make me smile. But it didn’t want me to ‘not put it down’ at all. If you know what I mean?
This is a good read if you’re looking for something light to read and you don’t want to put too much thought into the plot or characters.
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