New day. Same old start.

Some people may find monotony oddly comforting but I find it disturbing. Waking up to a brand new day only to do the same old routine is such a waste of life itself. At least that’s what I think. I have never liked being that person who had fixed time slots for every little thing but sadly, I have turned into one.

I get up, get dressed, go to work (a place where I get no appreciation for what I do & no self-satisfaction either), come home & just go to bed.
If I could, I wouldn’t blink twice before I seize the opportunity to break this lethargic routine & get away from it as far as possible.

It has always been my dream to travel all over the world. Solo or with the one I love, It didn’t matter. I just want to travel. I want to live. I want to experience things I never have before. Take risks. Meet new people. Learn about new cultures. I don’t want to reach a certain age & look back at my life with disappointment.
I want to look back & be able to tell myself that I lived.
I lived life like I wanted to and not how I needed to …

I don’t want society to decide what I am to do with my life. I don’t want anyone else other than me to do that for me.
I don’t know how and when will I be able to fulfill my dreams. Of course, I’ll work towards it rather than just yapping about it on here.

Until then, all I can do is just write my way through it..

6 thoughts on “New day. Same old start.

  1. What keeps you doing your job you don’t like day by day? Have you been looking for alternatives? I’m sorry if that is too personal, but I believe there’s always room for a change when being unhappy with work 🙂


    • It’s something that I have to do for the career I’ve chosen. An internship. So I can’t help but do it. I’m also not completely satisfied with the field I am in. Maybe that’s creating all the problems. It’s kind of complicated to explain. Lol. And yes, I’m trying to look for alternatives but I just don’t know what I want to do with my life yet. Is that weird considering I’m almost 22 now?
      Thanks for taking your time out to comment. I appreciate it 🙂


      • I see, an internship. But are internships not limited in time usually? At least you’ve chosen a career at all. Me, for example, I am studying with no idea where I will end up though .. 🙂


      • Yes but it’s for 3 years! I think the career I’ve chosen is not something I want to be doing my whole life :/
        Lol at least you’ll be able to do something that you actually love. It’s better to wait for something you like than to jump into something that’s never going to make you happy. Right? 🙂


      • Wow, a 3 year internship! Well, even when doing this internship, you learn a lot about yourself and what you want to do and what is not fun, huh? I totally agree 🙂


      • Yes that is true and I’m hoping that by the time my internship comes to an end, I’ll know what I actually want to do with my life 🙂


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