Shopping sucks!

I hate shopping. There, I said it. Did I just fail at being a girl?
I have never really liked shopping. It’s not like I’m content with my clothes or anything. I do feel the need to buy new clothes every alternate day cause ‘I have nothing to wear’ but I just can’t go through the disappointment after each time I go shopping.
Some use it as a stress buster but for me, it is a real pain in the a&$.
Let me list out why.

-Budget issues just has to be number one. For a girl from a middle class family with high class choices, shopping sucks. You will never find something you like within your budget EVER. That’s the rule. And if you eventually do find something you like, you’ll just have to act like you never saw it after taking a look at the price tag. Sigh.1392126904671938

-So you found something you love within your price range? Yay. Now let’s see whether it fits.
BAM. You realize you’ve outgrown the size you used to wear just a month ago. Now you hate your body too. And it sucks even more if you go out with someone who has the most perfect body cause of which, any crappy thing looks good on them!


-Then comes the fashion trends. Like what is it with people wearing only sleeveless these days? Or crop tops? What about girls who don’t have toned arms or stomachs? Do they not deserve to dress up?
Come on Fashion! Why do you have to be so harsh on chubby girls?

-After going through ALL of that, when you finally find something comfortable that fits you, within your price range, you realize that it’s ‘so yesteryear’. But you end up buying it anyway & sulk each time you have to wear it cause you don’t feel pretty or fashionable enough in it.

So now you know why shopping sucks.
Had any similar experiences?
Share them with me & we can hate on shopping together.

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