Book review: Fifty shades of grey


My rating – 2.5/5

To tell you the truth, I’d started reading this book way back when it had just been published but then I got bored cause there was just too much sex and no good plot.
Then I came to know that they’re turning it into a movie & that my best friend would drag me to watch it (She had completed reading the whole series & was obsessed). Anyway, I have a thing where I like reading the book before watching it’s movie adaptation so I thought of giving the book another try & I’m glad I did!
Now don’t get your hopes up, the first book is still a bore. There’s just too much sex, zero plot and the writing is not that great either.
It’s kind of like a love at first sight story but with a dark twist. The story revolves around the troubled past of Mr. Christian Grey, a handsome multi – millionaire who is attracted to Anastasia, a simple but smart girl, in a way she had never imagined even in her wildest dreams (literally :P). The book also gives you a thorough knowledge on BDSM & sex toys 😂 So anyone who doesn’t approve of the above two or well, sex in general, RUN AWAY & DO NOT LOOK BACK!
As you can see, my review hasn’t been the most positive one but I still said I was glad I gave it another try. The reason for that is solely Mr. Christian Grey. I was intrigued by him & well, curiosity made me read the second part, which I do not regret reading at all 😍
I take your leave for now.
Until the next part’s review,
A 💋


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